Simple Sous Vide Salmon Filet Recipe

One of the easiest and healthiest things you can sous vide is salmon. I live right around the corner from Whole Foods and in a pinch I’ll just grab a salmon filet for lunch or dinner.

Quick Guide:
— 1 salmon filet
— 1 tablespoon olive oil (pat of butter optional)
— salt and pepper
— 118°F for 30 minutes

Step One: Get a portion size fillet (one for each person).

Step Two: Set your sous vide circulator to 118°F.

Step Three: Have your fishmonger remove the skin (you’ll save $ and time).

Step Four: Season with salt and pepper.

Step Five: Place each filet in an individual vacuum bag with olive oil or a pat of butter and cook at 118F for 30 minutes.

Step Six: Serve or sear then serve (I usually brown the top when I serve to guests).

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