Sous Vide vs Slow Cooker: Which Is Best

In French, sous vide means under vacuum. Sous vide involves vacuum sealing the food, putting it in a water bath, and cooking it at a regulated temperature. It ensures food is fully cooked while retaining moisture. A slow cooker, on the other hand, requires cooking at a low temperature and is time consuming. Since the food remains sealed, the condensation hampers the taste of the food, and so nowadays, more people prefer using the sous vide over a slow cooker.

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Sous Vide vs Slow Cooker: Which One Is Better?

Sous vide is a unique method of cooking that gives different and better results. The flavor and texture of the food cooked in a sous vide cannot be compared to other cooking methods. It captures the true flavor of food, and nutrients and natural juices are retained in the vacuum-sealed bag. Once the cooker is set, it does’t need to be monitored and gives perfect results every time.

In a slow cooker, condensation from the steam on closed lids makes the water drip down into the food. Foods like sweet peppers, zucchini, asparagus, and chicken breasts can sometimes turn out too soft and overcooked. Some slow cookers may be more temperature-sensitive than others, so you need to find the perfect recipe for your slow cooker. Slow cookers are also time consuming.

Why Sous Vide Is Better

Sous vide doesn’t need consistent monitoring like other cooking methods and large quantities can also be cooked. Vacuum-compressed pouches produce denser food that isn’t dehydrated. The color, flavor, and aroma of the food isn’t lost during the cooking process and it prevents food from overcooking.

Vacuum sealing prevents the loss of vitamins and minerals that occur in other methods of cooking like steaming and boiling. The food gets cooked exactly the way it should be. Meats get tender and juicy while vegetables remain crunchy.

The precise temperature control feature gives the same results every time; however, the most important feature is faster cooking. Meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes! Comparing the sous vide and the slow cooker, the sous vide is always the best option that offers quality food in less time.

Sous vide cooking is becoming quite popular these days. As per Google trends, there was a significant spike in the search results of sous vide in December 2016.

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