Safe Sous vide cooking


What is Sous vide cooking?
Sous vide is French for ’under vacuum’. Sous vide foods are foods that are cooked under controlled conditions
of temperature and time inside sealed packages in water baths or steam ovens. This method of cookery can
produce food with different characteristics to conventional cooking methods.
Note: The term ‘sous vide’ in this template refers to foods that are:
• vacuum packed or similarly sealed to expel air prior to cooking, and
• are cooked by immersing in hot water or steam, and
• are cooked at lower temperatures than other common cooking methods, but for a time period sufficient
to produce safe food, and
• cooked safely to kill potentially hazardous bacteria prior to consumption.
Why is Sous vide cooking different to conventional cooking?
Sous vide food must be cooked using a time and temperature combination that results in safe food.
Whilst cooking food to a core temperature of 75oC or above kills food poisoning bacteria, cooking at
lower temperatures and for a longer time can also have the same effect, but it is critical that it is done
correctly to ensure safe food is produced.

Food safety Vic have published a template supplement for use with the Food Safety Program template for class 2 retail and food service businesses, No.1 version 3.

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